What is this?
This is a 100% HTML-based online game which looks and feels like Windows 98.
It's sure to bring back nostalgia for the late 1990s, a few laughs, as well as that
"I want to throw a brick at this stupid computer" feeling we all got when the Blue
Screen of Death pops up!

The Goal:
To last 20 minutes on my totally messed-up version of Windows 98 without reaching
the Blue Screen of Death and discover hidden treasures (see below).

Hidden Treasures:
There are hidden treasures in this game! Look for the Mystery Folder, Toaster Screensaver,
Dial-up Song, and some other ones I won't mention so you'll just have to discover them yourself! :-)
I will also be adding more now and then, so just when you think ya got 'em, another will appear!