Online Advertisement Notice

Effective: July 31, 2019

I've tried to keep my websites ad-free for as long as possible, unfortunately, due to the cost
of living, I've had to start allowing them into some of my pages to try and make a little money.

If you're using an ad-blocker I'd certainly appreciate it if you whitelist my websites
and support me. (no hurt feelings if you don't want to, I use an ad-blocker too)


You can also leave a tip in the TipJar via PayPal


Most of the ads are auto-generated by Google AdSense (meaning I don't pick the ads you see)

I only have a handful of ads I create and put in manually

However, I do have one specific ad that really helps me a lot if you use it, and that's the little red Verizon FiOS banner you see on some
of my pages. This one doesn't earn me anything per click or view, but if you sign-up for Verizon using my referral link (click on the ad)
you and I BOTH get up to $100 on a Mastercard from Verizon.


Thanks for visiting my website!